Best Tech Stories around the web #125 - Special MWC!

This week, a selection of the best innovations showcased at MWC 2017!

Sony’s crazy projector that turns any surface into a touchscreen is going on sale this year by

Over the past couple of years, Sony has shown off a number of experimental products designed for the home. Now, though, one of them is actually going on sale: the newly christened Xperia Touch — an Android projector that turns any surface into a touchscreen. Read more

Sony’s Xperia XZ Premium Has World’s First 4K HDR Display  by

If there’s one technology that clearly dominated over any other last year it was the mass-adoption of 4K displays. From 4K TVs to the unveiling of the world’s first 4K video games consoles like the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S this high-resolution technology is clearly the future of the big screen. Read more

Peugeot’s Instinct concept car is its vision of an autonomous near-future by

The French manufacturer's new Instinct concept, unveiled at Mobile World Congress today, doesn't look as wildly futuristic as some of its previous creations but according to Peugeot’s design team, that’s exactly the point. Read more

Nokia Calls Attention to Itself by Relaunching Obsolete 3310 Dumb Phone by

HMD Global, the Finnish company that owns the rights to Nokia’s phone brand licensing for the next ten years, took the stage at MWC in Barcelona today to showcase its first full line of Nokia-branded smartphones. Read more

Rhinos in South Africa are being fitted with cheap GPS sensors to help protect the species by

Prototype trackers, developed by the Sigfox Foundation in association with the Loweld Rhino Trust, have been implanted in the horns of 10 black and white rhinos. Read more