b<>com's e-Health teams ace the Miccai 2014 Challenge!

Deformable target tracking in ultrasound imaging

A look back at b<>com's participation in CLUST, a challenge that brought together international experts in image-guided surgery.

The CLUST (Challenge on Liver Ultrasound Tracking) competition held by the academic society MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Intervention) showcases research in the field of image-assisted medical procedures, particularly with respect to ultrasound liver motion tracking.

This challenge involves comparing different tracking algorithms. For their own entry, b<>com's teams achieved excellent results, even beating some market leaders like Philips and Fraunhofer.

A spotlight on this challenge, with Guillaume Dardenne, head of the Augmented Medicine laboratory at b<>com : 

Q : "B<>com took part in the CLUST challenge. What was your goal?"

Guillaume Dardenne: "Lucas Royer, a doctoral researcher at the Augmented Medicine laboratory, developed an innovative algorithm for tracking organ deformation in ultrasound images as part of a project in collaboration with Alexandre Krupa (Inria), Maud Marchal (IRISA), and Anthony Le Bras (Rennes University Hospital).

We took part in this challenge so that we could compare our algorithm's performance with those of other experts in the field. We also achieved the best results in terms of both accuracy and robustness. 
The Augmented Medicine laboratory at b<>com therefore plans to take part in the next MICCAI challenge in October 2015 in Munich. Obviously, we would like to take first place!"


18th International Conference on Medical Image Computing and Computer Assisted Interventions

Q: "How will this algorithm be used? What opportunities are out there?" 

Guillaume Dardenne: "In the future, we plan to incorporate this software module into a clinical solution usable in interventional radiology, particularly for needle guidance in biopsies, for example.

The goal here is to improve the clinician's performance by significantly lowering the failure rate through a unique boost in  accuracy."
See you in Munich in October...