b<>com welcomes its new Director of e-health

Emmanuel Cordonnier, a recognized expert in the field of telemedicine and co-founder of ETIAM, has just taken the direction of b<>com's e-health programme.

Bertrand Guilbaud, CEO of b<>com is happy to wellcom Emmanuel : "His expertise as both a research and an entrepreneur is totally in step with our strategy: going beyond research and putting innovative products on the market.".

As a co-founder of ETIAM, a small business specializing in medical image communication became the European leader in telemedicine solutions, the new e-health Director knows well the field, its players, its stakes.


La réalité augmentée appliquée au bloc opératoire

Fred Pieau

Since launching in 2013, b<>com's expertise in hypermedia and networks has been applied to great effect in the field of e-heath.

According to Emmanuel, "the most important tool for improving the quality of care lies in communication between health professionals on one hand and between health professionals and patients on the other. The term "patient-actor" is being used more, and that's who the communication systems must be designed around"

How can the unique needs of health care solutions, in terms of their safety, quality, ergonomics, and security, be taken into account? What is the best approach to medical applications that are expanding to include monitoring, prevention, social relations, and well-being? A glance at the issues that face Emmanuel and his team.