b<>com best Tech stories from around the web #49

Hacking, fitness trackers, virtual reality and much more... Find out our selection of the best articles of the week.

Every few months, I start to feel run down. Tired, grumpy, achey all over. So I open up my drawer and grab one of the handful of fitness trackers I’ve accumulated over the years. 

A step-by-step account of an overnight digital heist 

I bet we can guess your age by how you use the internet.

It seemed like the nascent augmented-reality industry was on a roller coaster at the start of the year. 

Security experts have discovered a potentially catastrophic flaw that for more than a decade has made it possible for attackers to decrypt HTTPS-protected traffic passing between Android or Apple devices and hundreds of thousands or millions of websites, including AmericanExpress.com, Bloomberg.com, NSA.gov, and FBI.gov.