b<>com’s e-health teams win first place at the Miccai CLUST challenge

Le Challenge on Liver Ultrasound Tracking organisé par Miccai s'est déroulé à Munich le 9 octobre dernier

The organ deformation tracking algorithm developed by b<>com’s e-health teams confirmed how well it performs at the Challenge on Liver Ultrasound Tracking at the MICCAI conference

On Friday, October 9, in Munich, the 2015 edition of the MICCAI (Medical Image Computing and Computer-Assisted Interventions) conference was held, during which b<>com was able to again prove its outstanding results by winning first place in the CLUST (Challenge on Liver Ultrasound Tracking) Challenge, as it did last year. This consisted of different methods for tracking anatomical landmarks in the liver on ultrasound images. The goal is to improve the accuracy of certain medical procedures like needle insertion, such as during biopsies.

This second effort was a chance to subject a larger data set to the organ deformation tracking algorithm developed for the thesis of Lucas Royer, a doctoral student at the Augmented Medicine laboratory, in collaboration with Alexandre Krupa (INRIA) and Maud Marchal (IRISA), which performed better this year than the one from Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam. The same algorithm had already beaten out leaders in the field like Philips and Fraunhofer during the during the previous challenge.

challenge MICCAI CLUST

What’s next?

Guillaume Dardenne and the teams at the Augmented Medicine laboratory will now be working on integrating this software brick into a solution that can be used in interventional radiology in order to reduce the failure rate and improve clinical benefits.