Guillaume JEGOU

Manager Usage & Acceptability Lab at IRT b<>com
  • Career

With a dual educational background in Multimedia Design and the Psychology of Cognition, he has worked since 2000 within the Language and Cognition Laboratory (CNRS) on the hypermedia conception and adoption. In 2004 he took his experience combining technology and the humanities to the field of HMI ergonomics consulting within multiple consulting firms. He has worked on many R&D projects in the field of graphics, voice, and multimodal interaction, particularly with Orange Labs, and has helped design innovative services now used by several thousand customers. In 2007, he joined the small business Dixid as an Ergonomics Advisor, then was Technical Director there; in a few years, it had become one of the leaders in User-Oriented Design consulting. He then took over the User Experience Project of the Alten Group in 2011, and led his own dedicated Skills and Production Center of more than 40 experts where he was the technical director of about a hundred of the group's leading R&D solutions.

  • At b<>com

In 2014, he joined b<>com as Manager of the Usage & Acceptability Lab, and works as part of a multidisciplinary teams to innovate in the field of User Experience.