Webinar and demos: b<>com took part in the Trans Musicales festival in Rennes!

TransMusicales Rennes

As part of the 40th edition of the Trans Musicales festival in Rennes, b<>com collaborated with Actuonda to participate in the Rencontres & Débats program at the #LIVEINLAB, Friday, December 7 in Rennes.

After the concert making-of with spatial audio of the artist Molécule at the Rex Clubaa round table took place on the subject: from augmented audio to immersive concerts, innovation that gets audiences engaged. The opportunity to talk about feedbacks, impacts and challenges, current state of research or marketing opportunities between innovative artists, performing arts professionals, and researchers.

    Participants included: 

    • Nicolas Epain, Audio signal processing expert, b<>com
    • Cathy Colomes, Audio quality engineer, Orange Labs
    • Fabien Mezzafonte, Digital and video production manager, Radio France
    • Hervé Déjardin, Sound engineer, Radio France
    • Léonore Mercier, Artist
    • Molécule, Artist
    • Stéphane Duffossé, CEO, Augmented Acoustics

    After the round table, demonstrations were presented at Le Liberté:

    • Spatial audio and VR with b<>com

    Spectators were invited to try out immersive sound experiences (virtual reality + spatial audio) to understand how technological innovation encourages audience engagement.

    • Supralive sound experiences with Augmented Acoustics

    Developed by Augmented Acoustics, Supralive is the first patented service that gives concertgoers a high-definition sound experience that can be personalized in real time. This immersive solution virtually projects audiences into the middle of the event.

    Casque audio

    About our partners: 

    Trans Musicales festival was created in 1979. It's a music festival world-know for its curiosity and artistic discoveries.

    Actuonda is a company based in Madrid which promote innovative solutions for digital media in Spain and France with openings towards Europe and South America.