Towards a future where innovation and responsibility go hand in hand

bcom 10years

2022 marks 10 years of b<>com. This is as much a celebration about the accomplishments of the decade as it is about the future. What are our plans for the next 10 or 15 years? What is the vision of the role of digital technology in the future? What place will there be for b<>com in the innovation ecosystem? See the answers in this video.

Several guests gathered one evening to play the forecasting game. They started with our CEO, Bertrand Guilbaud, who imagines new roles and ambitions for future generations of networks in 2040.

The President of the Brittany region, Loig-Chesnais Girard, promises b<>com will have a place in the Breton ecosystem, especially on the subject of cybersecurity.

Vincent Marcatté, President of the IRT since its launch, talks about the turning point marked by this anniversary and how digital technology will be responsible in future solutions for the planet and its inhabitants. "People, Planet, Peace!”

Echoing these words, the prefect of the Brittany region,  Emmanuel Berthier, reminds us how digital technology must contribute to decarbonization.

Vincent Marcatté & Jean Le Traon

Jean Le Traon, Treasurer of IRT b<>com (on the left) and Vincent Marcatté, President (on the right).