Best Tech Stories around the web #340

SKA observatory


The outback telescope that could see across the universe, perhaps even aliens by

Construction on the world’s biggest radio telescope, which will span two continents, peer deep into space and time and is expected to capture the “entire observable universe”, will officially begin on Monday. Read more


Future Mars Astronauts Could Snack on NASA's Space-Grown Tomatoes by

ISS crew members are on a mission to grow ingredients for space salads. Since Thursday, flight engineer Nicole Mann has been installing the "Veg-05" study on the International Space Station, NASA said in a blog post. What's Veg-05, you ask? Read more

tomatoes growing in space


Porsche Ventures Into The NFT World With Special Art Basel Miami Exhibition by

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) may have lost some of their appeal in the midst of the ongoing cryptocurrency crash but that hasn’t stopped Porsche from unveiling a series of NFTs at Art Basel in Miami. Read more

Porsche launches NFT


Adobe Stock to Allow AI-Generated Images on Its Service by

The company says the move isn't meant to replace human imagination with machine learning. Adobe Stock will accept images generated by artificial intelligence on its service, it said in a blog post on Monday. Read more

Adobe AI art


The EU Hosted a 24-Hour Party In Its $400,000 Metaverse to Appeal to Young People, but Pretty Much No One Showed Up on

The EU spent €387,000 ($407,000) on a metaverse venue to promote a new strategy, but only a handful of people turned up. Read more

Europe metaverse party