Private 5G networks at Vivatech Paris: b<>com *Dome* on the SNCF booth


Our experts will be present on June 16 at the booth of our partner SNCF to present b<>com *Dome*, the <antifragile private 5G>, applied to the field of railways and maintenance. It is a good opportunity to demonstrate how private 5G networks facilitates or makes possible a large number of industrial use cases.

A private 5G network, ideal for Industry 4.0: Demonstration with the SNCF

On June 16, b<>com experts will welcome you at the SNCF booth on a demonstration pod within a space dedicated to innovations and start-ups. You’ll be able to get a brand new demonstration illustrating the possibilities offered by private 5G for the industry, particularly in terms of mobility and maintenance.


b<>com *Dome*: The pitch in partnership with the SNCF

If you are there in the afternoon, do not miss at 2:30 pm our presentation on the stage dedicated to the innovations selected by our partner. Boris Madeleine, our expert in private networks and Stephane Ros, Networks & Connectivity Deputy Director at SNCF, will present the b<>com *Dome* solution and answer questions from the audience.


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