Best Tech Stories around the web #322

robot crabe

Direction the air with the new flying cab and datacenters on the Moon. Meanwhile, a researcher in #IA is convinced that the future of parenthood is in the metaverse and researchers claim to have made the smallest walking robot.



Robotic crab is smallest walking bot ever by

The miniature bot uses shape memory alloys and has potentially groundbreaking applications in the health and manufacturing sectors. Read more


Hermès' new home collections in Milan's La Pelota by

On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022, Hermès quests for lightness with four translucent installations presented in the La Pelota event space. Through these installations, the design team sought to play with gravity and light, and find a balance between color and material. Read more

Hermes design


Scientists 3D print ear from human cells and transplant into patient in medical breakthrough by

A US company has fitted a patient with a 3D-printed ear implant made from living cells in what it described as a medical breakthrough. Read more

3D printed hears


Soon data centers on the Moon to save data from all over the world? by

This project seems straight out of a science fiction novel. Yet it is very real. According to The RegisterLonestar, an American startup based in Florida, plans to install data centers on the Moon safe from natural disasters and human bombs. Read more

moon data center


Volocopter's longer-range drone taxi completes its first test flights by

he German firm has revealed that its four-seat electric VTOL aircraft, the VoloConnect, completed its first flight in May. The machine’s initial trip was brief at two minutes and 14 seconds. Read more


Virtual ‘Tamagochi’ children will give parents real-life experience with kids in the metaverse by 2070 by

In a new study, scientists imply that the world problem of overpopulation might be resolved with the help of 'virtual children.' The idea was suggested by experts from one of Britain's largest artificial intelligence developers. Read more

tamagotchi child