Best Tech Stories around the web #321

sous marin luxe

This week, researchers have created a computer chip from honey and scientists have grown a plant in lunar soil. Don't miss! The FIC is the European cybersecurity event.


Honey could be used to make powerful computer chips and cut e-waste, researchers say by

Could honey offer a solution to the global shortage of semiconductors - and help cut down on electronic waste in the process? Read more

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Scientists grow plants in lunar soil by

The Apollo astronauts took part in a visionary plan: Bring samples of the lunar surface material, known as regolith, back to Earth where they could be studied with state-of-the-art equipment. Read more

plante lune


This private submarine is the best way for a billionaire to explore the depths of the ocean by

Have legs? Walk. Have money? Splurge! And if youre hitting the bottom of the seas might as well be in a cool-looking Nexus by U-Boat Worx. Read more

sous marin luxe


The Top Gun hypersonic jet movie looked so real that China moved its spy satellite photograph it by

Reportedly, the prop spy plane made for the movie looked so real that the Chinese government moved a spy satellite to get a look at it. Read more

avion hypersonic


FIC 2022 programm by

Visit the International Cybersecurity Forum, the European cybersecurity event. Discover the program