Podcast: 2031, working in the Age of AI

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In 2031, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere in the workplace: Optimizing the use of time, artistic creation, surgery; it’s become a part of our routine lives, and it didn’t just happen overnight!

To talk about the possible futures of working in an age when AI has become widespread, b<>com created a series of 5 podcasts, based on short fiction and interviews with various experts and researchers (social sciences, marketing, law, and philosophy). The series will be released on Fridays in July.

The first episode of the series, available now, is entitled Métro, boulot, IA (“Metro, boulot, IA”) and takes listeners into the life of Alex, a researcher in 2031. In his work environment, AI is everywhere, from organization to ergonomics to time management. It makes employees’ lives easier, but can also be a hassle! The author of this capsule, Emmanuelle Garnaud-Gamache, is b<>com’s Director of International Development and Outlook.

Disclaimer: This podcast is only available in French

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Production: Tokson X Agence White Mirror for b<>com