Podcast: 2031, Working in the Age of AI, episode 2: "The Avatar and the Patient"

Podcast AI L’avatar et le patient

In 2021, virtual influencers and smart assistants of all sorts have already become a part of our lives. In 10 years, other smart assistants will appear, in every possible area…

The narrator of this bit of fiction tells us about a future where doctors will be avatars like others we encounter. The author, Prof. Jbid Arseyan, an associate at the Rennes School of Business, then returns to this vision of the future in order to imagine its ethical and philosophical boundaries.

This second episode is part of a five-podcast series entitled “2031, Working in the Age of AI” which sketches possible futures of working in a time when AI has become widespread. The podcasts were created from short fiction pieces and interviews with various experts and researchers (social sciences, marketing, law, and philosophy).

[Only available in French]

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Production: Tokson X Agence White Mirror for b<>com

Podcast 2031: travailler au temps de l'IA