One year after launch, b<>com unveils its initial progress on sovereign private 5G

Futur bâtiment de b<>com à Lannion

One year after the launch of the xG initiative, b<>com is entering partnerships with major manufacturers, is more than 2/3 of the way to its hiring target, and is preparing to launch its private 5G solution for enterprises. Challenges remain, and 2022 will be a decisive year, but the action plan is unfolding as planned.

A year ago b<>com launched a major initiative centered on a sovereign French technological solution that meets the many challenges of 5G in terms of security, the Internet of things, latency, saturation, and network flexibility. This "xG sovereign" ambition has received the support of the French government as part of the France Recovery Plan. In order to drive this ambition and the development of a private 5G technology solution, b<>com has launched an extensive hiring plan through 2023. In 2021 alone, 60 of the 92 positions have been filled to complement the existing R&D, sales, and marketing teams, bringing the total b<>com workforce to 400 people across the 4 existing sites: Rennes, Paris, Brest and Lannion.

“Our hybrid strategic positioning allows us to be both an explorer of multiple fields of innovation and a solution provider to the world's leading software vendors and integrators. The advantages of our private 5G sovereign offering called *Dome* are already attracting big names such as Airbus, EDF, the Lacroix group and the SNCF," says Bertrand Guilbaud, CEO of b<>com

In the space of a year, b<>com has entered into partnerships with large industrial groups, software publishers, and international integrators, as well as with small and medium-sized equipment-makers. This enthusiasm reflects the expectations and efficiency issues associated with the deployment of private 5G in enterprise settings.

"The year 2022 is important to the success of our *Dome* private 5G sovereign solution and our action plan is on track so far. We will be meeting our major upcoming goals, and we will be at the MWC in Barcelona, at the beginning of March, to launch *Dome* internationally" continues Bertrand Guilbaud.