"<antifragile private 5G>: The best option for industrial applications and integrators"

dome antifragile private 5G

The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will be the occasion for b<>com to announce the international launch of its private 5G network solution b<>com *Dome*. Nicolas Dallery, Marketing & Sales Director, tells us more as a preview.

Hello Nicolas, can you talk us through the *Dome* solution?

b<>com *Dome* is a 5G connectivity bubble that enables enterprises to easily deploy their own private 5G network. *Dome* is a sovereign software solution for which b<>com handles each component, ensuring development and integration by its team of experts in France. b<>com *Dome* can be installed on standard hardware configurations and covers a wide range of use cases. b<>com *Dome* is already deployed at several major customers, such as EDF, which is testing the maintenance of high-risk sites. We are also working on optimizing water distribution systems with the Lacroix group and on optimizing connectivity at SNCF’s large production and industrial maintenance sites.

What are the benefits of a private 5G network for end users?

As we know, 5G today allows a significant increase in throughput, connection with more objects, and a significant reduction in latency. 100% virtualized, cloud-native and secure, the b<>com *Dome* solution will allow manufacturers to get all the advantages of 5G, regardless of the size of their site, the desired throughput or the number of users, in a fully private context, which was not possible until now. With 5G private networks, we can imagine new industrial applications such as the piloting of mobile robots indoors and outdoors, the transmission of video streams from drones moving within a seaport or construction site, and assistance for operators in their maintenance tasks thanks to augmented reality on mobile terminals.

How does b<>com *Dome* differ from other solutions?

Choosing b<>com *Dome* as your private 5G network solution means choosing security for your data. Furthermore, b<>com *Dome* is the ideal software solution, especially for integrators, as it does not require proprietary hardware, which makes it much easier to install. Finally, as it is easy to deploy and operate, end-customer IT teams will have no trouble learning how to use the b<>com *Dome* solution, so it does not require an internal telco specialist at the customer's site.

Can you explain the new baseline "Antifragile Private 5G"?

We wanted to express the strategic qualities of b<>com *Dome* in a strong, simple way. The concept of "antifragile", developed by the essayist Nassim Nicholas Taleb, speaks for itself: It evokes robustness, resilience and security. Our private 5G solution is truly designed to last and support our customers in all their uses, securely.

b<>com is flying to MWC at the end of the month, what will we be able to see at the stand?

Two main applications will be presented at the stand.

First of all, a "5G industry" use case, aimed at Industry 4.0 in partnership with AMA, will show how a private 5G connectivity bubble can increase productivity and safety in the factory. Here, the private 5G network allows for improved performance of AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), augmented technicians who perform quality control in real-time, and surveillance cameras that ensure safety.

A "5G broadcast" demonstration, aimed at the broadcast & media sector, will showcase the coverage of a brief event with the ad-hoc deployment of a tactical bubble of private 5G connectivity. In partnership with Aviwest, we show how video streams from a 5G-equipped camera are transmitted in real-time using private 5G.

We are also highlighting the ease of activation and management of b<>com *Dome* with a "starter kit" demo aimed specifically at integrators.

The *Dome* team will be happy to meet with you during all the show at booth CS28. Feel free to make an appointment with them now!

MWC visual stand