Best Tech Stories around the web #305

Google electronic music exhibition

"The interactive experience allows users to choose a tailored electronic music adventure from four different modes depending on users' interests." by


Researchers develop insect-sized flying robots with flapping wings by nanowerk

A new drive system for flapping wing autonomous robots has been developed by a University of Bristol team, using a new method of electromechanical zipping that does away with the need for conventional motors and gears. Read more

flying robots flapping wings


New Construction Project in Ecuador ambitions to create a Sustainable Village Made from 3D Printed Cocoa Waste by

Architectural firm Valentino Gareri Atelier announced the construction of a network of sustainable and smart villages. Read more

3D printed village


A robot performed laparoscopic surgery without human help by

A robot designed by researchers at Johns Hopkins University has performed incredibly intricate surgery on a pig without human assistance. Read more

laparoscopic robot


Do Electric Trains Dream Of Autonomous Mobility? Yes, They Do. by

The hoopla today is the US startup Parallel Systems, which has just busted out of stealth mode with a recipe for replacing thousands of trucks on the highways with zero emission short-haul autonomous electric railcars. Read more

autonomous electric railcars


Free online electronic music exhibition launched by google by

Google launched its 'Music, Makers & Machines' online multi-media exhibition to celebrate electronic dance music. Read more


Hibernate for a trip to Mars, the bear way by

Hibernating astronauts could be the best way to save mission costs, reduce the size of spacecraft by a third and keep crew healthy on their way to Mars. Read more 

hibernate trip Mars


Brand experience and the metaverse by

The metaverse would be an expansive, digitized communal space where users can mingle freely with brands and one another in ways that permit self-expression and spark joy. Read more

cartoon strip metaverse