MWC Barcelona: b<>com launches its new private 5G network

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Do you have a need for secure, robust and seamless connectivity? Stop by booth #CS28, from February 28 to March 3, for the international launch of our private 5G network solution, b<>com *Dome*: A secure, flexible and easy-to-manage connectivity solution that enables organizations to improve their business.

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© Fred Pieau
© Fred Pieau
© Fred Pieau

Benefits of *Dome* in a glimpse:

  • 100% software & agnostic    
  • Secure data on site
  • Flexible, meets all use cases
  • Easy to deploy and manage   
Nicolas Dallery - CODIR - bcom
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Nicolas Dallery

Marketing & Sales Director

b<>com *Dome* is a great toolbox for creating highly flexible networks that meet any end-customer application while guaranteeing data security. From an integrator's point of view, it's ideal because this software solution is compatible with any type of hardware, which greatly facilitates its implementation.

Several demos and industrial applications will be presented at the booth:

- starter kit demo: Witness the different steps of activating the b<>com *Dome* starter kit when it is delivered to the customer's site. 100% software and cloud-native, it adapts to any hardware. Deploying a private 5G network has never been easier or faster! Then monitor the performance of your private network with our monitoring tools. 

- industry 4.0: Discover how a private 5G connectivity bubble can increase productivity and safety in the factory: AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle) enable more flexible and efficient production, an augmented technician performs quality control in real time and surveillance cameras enable optimal safety. Demo in partnership with AMA

- broadcast & media: Cover an ephemeral event with the ad-hoc deployment of a tactical bubble of private 5G connectivity (example: a festival). Video streams from a 5G-equipped camera are transmitted in real time to the satellite using private 5G. Demo in partnership with Aviwest 

b<>com brings its cutting-edge expertise and advanced engineering to 5G solutions that meet the connectivity needs of large industrial groups, small and medium-sized equipment manufacturers or integrators from multiple industries. 

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