Best Tech Stories around the web #304

meta IA supercomputer

"AI supercomputers and regular supercomputers can’t necessarily be compared apples to apples" by


Meta has built an AI supercomputer it says will be world’s fastest by end of 2022 by

Social media conglomerate Meta is the latest tech company to build an “AI supercomputer” — a high-speed computer designed specifically to train machine learning systems. Read more

meta IA supercomputer



Geometric Shapes Configure Into Sound-Dampening Wall Art by

Requiet's new Acoustic Compositions are as playful as they are functional. Read more


requiet acoustic compositions



Scientists With Nothing Better to Do Created a Bubble That Lasted 465 Days Before Popping by

Scientists have pulled off the seemingly impossible, leaving our childhood attempts in the dust. Researchers created bubbles that can live as long as 465 days. Read more


465 days bubble


Ishaq Rochman proposes a floating, multileveled maritime center in indonesian waters by

Architect Ishaq Rochman reveals his proposal for a floating sea center next to the flores island in nusa, Indonesia. Named ‘gap of nusa’, the project offers marine activities and adventures  Read more


gap of nusa flores island


Is this what the Apple Car could look like? by

An engineer has created concept images of what the upcoming Apple Car could look like when it is finally released.  Read more


apple car concept


SAT FEST 2022: call for immersive short films by

Since its first edition in 2012, SAT Fest has become a major event for creators and lovers of immersive cinema. Read more


SAT festival court métrage