Deep Experience comes with b<>com in the Futures Park, NAB Show

From April 22 to 27, 2017, the NAB Show, the annual conference of the broadcasting industry, will be held in Las Vegas, with over 100,000 attendees and 1800 exhibitors. After participating in the 2016 edition, b<>com is now showing the fruits of its labors, presenting five exclusive demonstrations.

Among dozens of global innovation players, b<>com was selected to exhibit in Futures Park, a space dedicated to the most advanced media technologies. This is major visibility for the b<>com solutions in the fields of production, distribution, and user experience:

b<>com [SDR-to-HDR]: A compact, high-performance technology to convert SDR content into HDR format in Real-Time. It makes it possible to benefit from the performance of the new HDR screens while preserving the artistic intent of SDR sources. More information

With its SDR-to-HDR technology, b<>com choose to put its name in for the NAB 2017 Technology Innovation Award. The nominated exhibit should present advanced research and development projects in communications technologies.

Dive into the largest and deepest place on Earth: This technology demo showcases an engaging deeply immersive experience within a large scale virtual reality environment. The showcased piece of content is targeting edutainment with regards to a very real topic: oceans preservation. It features the 5 critical points of VR: storytelling and narrative intent, ultra-realistic contents, multi-users, full motion / 6-degrees-of-freedom, natural collaboration and interaction. More information

b<>com *Spatial Audio Toolbox*: The suite of audio plugins enabling the creation of truly immersive contents and experiences (virtual reality). More information

b<>com *Ultra Marker*: video watermarking technology features high robustness to any video processing and attacks (lossy compression, N/A conversion, camcording, etc.), supports 4K, HFR and HDR and 360° video and embeds state-of-the-art ID codes to fight collaborative piracy. More information

b<>com [Media Processing Framework]: a framework to leverage video and audio processing in the cloud, using Linux containers technology to ensure reliability, robustness and scalability.

Meet the b<>com experts in North Hall N2035FP to discover and enjoy 360° experiences!

b<>com’s demonstrations will also be visible at our partners’ booths: b<>com [SDR-to-HDR] at Intel Corporation (SU9410) and b<>com *Spatial Audio Toolbox* at Qualcomm Technologies Inc (SU11013).