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Selected in late 2016 by the “Grands Défis Numériques” (Great Digital Challenges) initiative, the CONDOR project (Connected Optimized Network & Data in Operating Rooms) supported by b<>com, aims to deploy a control tower for the operating room through a new global standard for surgery video.

Of the 6.5 million operations performed in France each year, about 90,000 entail serious complications for the patient. To prevent these risks, the CONDOR project is meant to improve the management of surgery video, which is increasingly important to the operating room. The use of images will have the benefit of limiting the risks of errors in surgery and help the surgeon make decisions about a potential second operation.

As part of this project, the Connected Health team at b<>com, which specializes in medical imaging issues, has been tasked with providing the key components of the integrated and controlled operating room by crafting a new IP-based surgery video standard. This new “contribution” format will be a middle ground between “native” formats, which are too cumbersome in terms of their volume and bitrate, and “distribution” formats, which are too low-quality (latency in particular). The components will be integrated by Harmonic in equipments of compression, transportation, and management of associated metadata, which are critical in the context of medicine.

projet CONDOR hôpital du futur 2017

The results of the CONDOR project will be used on the innovative platforms of the IHU of Strasbourg, which has just opened to patients.

projet CONDOR hôpital du futur 2017

Coordinated by b<>com, the CONDOR project brings together both private- and public-sector entities: Harmonic (USA, France), the project’s official leader, the University Hospital Institute (Strasbourg) devoted to image guided-surgery, IRCAD (Strasbourg), the research laboratories of University of Rennes I / LTSI and Unistra (University of Strasbourg) / ICUBE.

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