Dive into the largest and deepest place on Earth

Virtual Arctic Expedition: transport yourself into a space of boundless creativity

VISIT places normally inaccessible in space, time and interaction, whether they are real or fully imaginary

MOVE at a 1:1 scale or at a different one, in the real or imaginary world. Be a giant wearing seven-league boots or as tiny as an ant

EXPERIENCE artificial intelligence and full motion at its best

PLUNGE into the vast oceans with other "divers", reach out and touch the animals

ENJOY ultra-realistic, scientifically accurate content. Learn about the importance of preserving the oceans...

Key features:

  • Ultra-realistic
  • 6 degrees of freedom
  • Multi-user capability
  • Natural collaboration and interaction
  • Motion sickness free


VR theaters, VR theme parks, consumer and serious gaming, edutainment, professional training, simulation...

Context of technology innovation

Although VR is still an emerging field, to date it has been sold to consumers as a sort of egocentric experience, focusing on personal gaming or 360 video playback, with 3 degrees of freedom. At b<>com, our vision is that this is not enough to make VR experiences compelling and engaging. Commercially viable applications will be more geared towards sharing and collaboration.

b<>com is developing core technologies for delivering deeply immersive experiences, focusing on what we believe are the 5 critical features of VR:

  • Story-telling and narrative intent to make end-users always engage and say "wow".
  • Ultra-realistic content marked by direct collaboration with scientists and by combining synthetic and natural content for the most persuasive immersiveness, audio, and imaging.
  • Multi-user and co-located capability, because a great experience is an experience that can be shared.
  • Full-motion/6-degrees of freedom in order to allow free navigation and avoid frustration. This includes cutting all cords.
  • Natural collaboration and interaction because there is no reason why a virtual world should be different from the real one, if not greater and allowing the impossible.

And all these features are motion sickness free, thanks to the strong expertise we have developed in cognitive sciences behaviour analysis and human factors), artificial intelligence, immersive interactions, advanced audio and imaging/video representations and coding.

This demo is a first release of a new attraction that will open at Océanopolis aquarium in Brest, France in 2018.

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