Best Tech Stories around the web #252

This week: Tesla Model S now offers over 400 miles of range, human cells to turn Invisible, and a futuristic avatar joined the wildly popular world of Fortnite to help give young victims of abuse.


Tesla’s Model S is the first electric car with 400-mile range EPA rating via

The Tesla Model S Long Range Plus now has an EPA-rated range of 402 miles, making it the first electric vehicle to receive a rating of over 400 miles from the agency. The new rating applies to all North American Model S vehicles with the “Long Range Plus” name, which Tesla introduced back in February to replace the “Long Range” version of the car. Read more


Human Cells to Turn Invisible via

By tinkering with the genetics of human cells, a team of scientists gave them the ability to camouflage. To do so, they took a page out of the squid’s playbook, New Atlas reports. Specifically, they engineered the human cells to produce a squid protein known as reflectin, which scatters light to create a sense of transparency or iridescence. Read more


New Fortnite mission: Reaching out to abused children via

During France’s coronavirus lockdown, a futuristic blue-winged avatar joined the wildly popular world of Fortnite, but its goal was not to be the last person standing — its job was to give young victims of abuse a chance to tell their stories. Read more