Best Tech Stories around the web #239

This week: a new way to generate electricity from rain, Ocutrix uses AR to fix your vision, researchers found an animal able to live without Oxygen and the future of health IT at the Digital Health Rewired in London.


New Way to Generate Electricity From Rain Can Power 100 LED Bulbs Per Drop by

Tapping into the water cycle and generating electricity from rainy days could be one way to grow our renewable energy use.Until now, scientists have been unable to get water droplets to produce a significant amount of power - but we may finally have a breakthrough. Read more


Ocutrix Uses AR To Fix Your Vision by

Ocutrx Vision Technologies is designing an augmented reality headset that will function as a tool for vision correction. Read more


Researchers find an animal without mitochondria by

The “powerhouse of the cell” is apparently not necessary for animal life. Read more


Digital Health Rewired March 3-4 2020 London UK

Digital Health Rewired is the most exciting event in UK health IT, connecting current and future health IT leaders and teams with the best in disruptive technology and innovation. The two-day show opens with the one-day Rewired Leadership Summit for the most senior NHS CCIOs and CIOs, leading into day two with the Rewired Conference and Exhibition, aimed at everyone interested in helping shape the digital future of health and care. Discover the event