Best Tech Stories around the web #127

On the program this week: Google’s reCaptcha turns "invisible", a tracking smartphone app for parents, a new payment system embeded sunglasses, an artificial retina and a chameleon TV.

Google’s reCAPTCHA turns “invisible,” will separate bots from people without challenges by

Google's reCAPTCHA is the leading CAPTCHA service on the Web. You've probably seen CAPTCHAs a million times on sign-up pages across the Web; to separate humans from spam bots, a challenge will pop up asking you to decipher a picture of words or numbers, pick out objects in a grid of pictures, or just click a checkbox. Now, though, you're going to be seeing CAPTCHAs less and less, not because Google is getting rid of them but because Google is making them invisible. Read more

Google Launches Family Link To Help Parents Track The Usage And Location Of Their Kids by

Google is officially expanding its user base to children below 13 years old with the launch of the Family Link app for Android. Previously, preteens are not allowed to have their own Gmail accounts, upload pictures to Google photos, leave comments on YouTube videos, or anything else that requires their own Google account. Children had to either lie about their age to sign up for a Google account or use those of their parents. With the Family Link app, preteens can now legally have their own Google accounts, under the supervision of their parents. Read more

Visa's new contactless payment card is a pair of sunglasses by

Visa announced today that it will be starting a new pilot program of contactless payment-enabled sunglasses. The glasses, pictured above, appear to be a regular pair of shades — with the addition of a small contactless card that allows the sunglasses to work as a contactless payment method. Read more

Scientists Have Created an Artificial Retina Implant That Could Restore Vision to Millions by

Scientists have developed a retinal implant that can restore lost vision in rats, and are planning to trial the procedure in humans later this year. The implant, which converts light into an electrical signal that stimulates retinal neurons, could give hope to millions who experience retinal degeneration – including retinitis pigmentosa – in which photoreceptor cells in the eye begin to break down, leading to blindness.
 Read more

Samsung Unveils Surprising New Designer TV by

Just when we thought we were starting to get our heads round Samsung’s huge 2017 TV range, the Korean brand has pulled the rug from under our feet once again by conjuring up a brand new model unlike anything Samsung - or any other mainstream brand, come to that - has ever launched before. Read more