Best Tech Stories around the web #329

DeLorean Omega 2040


Blasting plastic with powerful lasers turns it into tiny diamonds by

Simple plastics can be turned into tiny diamonds with a pulse of laser light, and a similar process may occur inside giant planets, which could explain some of their mysteries. Read more

Plastic turned into diamonds


delorean proposes a sleek off-roader with its electric omega 2040 concept by

Focusing its attention toward the future of electric vehicles, DeLorean Motor Company unveils its latest concept, the 2040 Omega. Read more



Scientists eavesdrop on communication between fat and brain by

What did the fat say to the brain? For years, it was assumed that hormones passively floating through the blood were the way that a person's fat -- called adipose tissue -- could send information related to stress and metabolism to the brain. Now, Scripps Research scientists report in Nature that newly identified sensory neurons carry a stream of messages from adipose tissue to the brain. Read more

brain technology


The US Army could soon be equipped with Microsoft Hololens by

The US Army has seen its first delivery of specially-designed Microsoft Hololens augmented reality headsets. An order of 5,000 headsets, thought to be worth around $373 million, has been signed off by Assistant Secretary for Acquisition Douglas Bush, Bloomberg has reported, following successful field tests. Read more

AUgmented Reality US Army