Best Tech Stories around the web #328

oxygen mars


Perseverance can make as much oxygen on Mars as a small tree by

The Mars Oxygen In-Situ Resource Utilization Experiment - better known as MOXIE - has been successfully making oxygen from Mars' carbon dioxide-rich atmosphere in a series of tests, as part of NASA's Perseverance rover mission, which landed on Mars in February 2021. Read more

oxygen mars


3D-printed wood could start flat then twist into furniture as it dries by

A 3D printing method that uses ink made of wood pulp can be used to make flat objects that morph into 3D shapes as they dry. Read more

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Engineers are turning old wind turbine blades into gummy bears and nappies by

Wind turbines could be given a truly sweet second life thanks to a new discovery from engineers in the US. They have invented a new type of resin, the material that coats turbine blades, that could be reused to make countertops, car tail lights, power tools, nappies and even gummy bears. Read more



IBC 2022 par

Discover the IBC conference program: the place to be for broadcasters. b<>com will be there! Read more

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