Best Tech Stories around the web #299


"The recorder will work in the same way as an aeroplane black box. The indestructible monolith will collect information about the downfall of civilisation, to help potential future inhabitants" by


DeepMind tests the limits of large AI language systems with 280-billion-parameter model by

The company’s new AI language model is named Gopher. Read more



Watch the "Ameca" Humanoid Robot Demonstrate Realistic Facial Expressions​​ by

Engineered Arts, a UK-based robot manufacturing company, has recently unveiled a new humanoid creation, dubbed “Ameca,” that is capable of mimicking a series of human-like facial expressions, as seen in a video recently posted to YouTube. Read more



Candela raises €24M investment for silent flying watercraft production by

Watercraft maker candela goes one step further for the realization of C-8 long-range, all-electric craft that travels silently above the water surface. following the P-30 electric hydrofoil ferry that flies above the water, now the swedish tech firm announced that has raised €24M investment from EQT ventures to scale the production of these vessels. Read more



Soon, there’ll be a black box on Earth recording our self-destruction by

Based in Australia, the indestructible monolith will collect information about the downfall of civilisation, to help potential future inhabitants. Read more



Living robots evolve to procreate in "astounding" scientific breakthrough by

Scientists behind the world's first living robots have learned that these xenobots can reproduce and generate offspring, in a discovery that they say could help to explain the origin of life on Earth. Read more


Tesla allows drivers to play video games in moving cars, raising safety concerns by

The latest revelation concerning Tesla’s lax approach to safety. Read more



Hajime Sorayama reunites with heavy metal magazine for sexy robot cover series by

More than 40 years after their first collaboration, ‘heavy metal magazine’ reunites with japanese artist hajime sorayama who has contributed artwork for three new covers of the latest #312 issue. the three covers showcase sci-fi inspired robots in sensual poses, and are available for purchase since december 8, 2021, both in stores and online. the feature also includes a gallery of the full, uncensored artwork by sorayama, alongside a profile written by heavy metal entertainment’s publisher and chief creative overlord david erwin. Read more


Reeds – kinetic light installation by VOLNA by

At the heart of this installation is the image of reeds growing by the water and the unique sounds they make when the wind is blowing. We designed thin technological “stems” and kinetic “inflorescences” in the characteristic shape of reeds. They are controlled by the force of the wind, creating an effect of flickering light reacting to air currents. The installation is located right beside the water at the K-30 club promenade and lets viewers experience a futuristic reeded wilderness with a view of the Neva River. Read more