Best Tech Stories around the web #300


"We sat watching for ages, transfixed by this totally new experience of light as a physical presence." Brian Eno for


These tiny liquid robots never run out of juice as long as they have food by

By removing electricity from equation, discovery overcomes yearslong hurdle in robotics. Read more


Brian Eno develops limited run of color-changing LED turntables​​ by

Brian Eno is a celebrated musician, composer, and record producer who is best known for coining the term ‘ambient music’. a self-described ‘non-musician’, he has been named as one of the most influential and innovative figures of contemporary music, contributing to the industry with his unique conceptual approaches and recording techniques. Read more



The cyberlandr pop-up camper for the tesla cybertruck surpasses $100M in pre-orders by

After las vegas-based stream it, inc. unveiled the cyberlandr — the disappearing camper for the tesla cybertruck— now it announced to accept orders. by 8th december, cyberlandr has surpassed $100M in pre-orders, even if we don’t know for sure tesla cybertruck will ever exist. if will so, its aerodynamic pop-up design will definitely pass every expectation. Read more


NASA’s New Asteroid Impact Monitoring System Comes Online by

An asteroid striking Earth is a genuine possibility. There are tens of thousands of asteroids classified as Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs), and we’re finding around 3,000 more each year. The number of new detections will see an uptick in the next few years as better survey telescopes come online. Read more



Nike to Mint NFTs and Digital Sneakers With RTFKT Studios Purchase by

Nike is stepping into the non-fungible token, or NFT world, with plans to mint digital sneakers for avatars in the metaverse. Read more



Viromusic, songs made by the virus by

Viromusic is an exciting new NFT audio collection of songs that are created by the virus itself! The songs are made using the genetic sequence inside the Coronavirus.  Using a technique called DNA Sonification, the melody in the songs is derived entirely from the viral sequence.  Every note in the melody is part of the step-by-step instructions the virus uses to make more copies of itself. Read more