Best Tech Stories around the web #294


"There are many different types of Pikmin to interact with, and as you walk alongside them, you’ll leave augmented reality trails of flowers behind you."


Cisco Launches AR Platform by

Cisco has launched an augmented reality (AR) platform for Webex. Read more



MVRDV's depot boijmans van beuningen gets ready to open in Rotterdam by

MVRDV is adding the finishing touches to the world’s first publicly accessible art depot in Rotterdam, the netherlands. called ‘depot boijmans van beuningen’, the new building features a tree-topped roof garden and a curved, mirrored façade. the art depot is set to open on saturday, november 6th, 2021. Read more



Flying taxis set to shuttle passengers from Heathrow to cities in south of England for price of an Uber in just four years' time by

Flying taxis are set to shuttle passengers from Heathrow to cities in the south of England for the price of an Uber in just four years' time, The Mail on Sunday can reveal. Read more



Adobe has built a deepfake tool, but it doesn’t know what to do with it by

Deepfakes unlock creative possibilities but also nasty use cases. Read more


Pikmin Bloom, an AR mobile game, is Niantic’s next collaboration with Nintendo by

Niantic announced yesterday that its next augmented reality mobile game will be Pikmin Bloom, a collaboration with Nintendo. The free game was first released for iOS and Android in Singapore and Australia, but rolled out in the United States on Thursday morning. Pikmin Bloom is expected to release globally in the coming days. Read more


KIKK Festival, 04-07 nov.2021, Namur, Wallonie, Belgium.

KIKK Festival comes back with a two-day conferences and a lot of networking in Namur from Nov 4th to Nov 5th. Artists, researchers, scientists and many more will share the stage and talk about their professional experiences, their personal anecdotes and present their artwork, project or product. You will go home full of inspiration and innovative ideas, with plenty of contacts and new passions. Register here