b<>com launches *Sublima* at the NAB Show Express

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A mainstay at the NAB Show, b<>com was planning to be in Las Vegas in late April for the global meet-up of broadcast professionals. At the NAB Show Express, the virtual version of the event, b<>com presents its new HDR converter. Nicolas Dallery, Marketing & Sales Director, breaks it down for us.

Can you introduce this new HDR converter?

Our HDR converter b<>com *Sublima* is a smart solution for converting SDR content into HDR format in real time, and vice versa, converting HDR to SDR. If you do convert in one direction and then the other (SDR to HDR and HDR to SDR), the resulting video is visually identical to the original. All while preserving artistic intent! HDR-SDR conversion is especially useful in situations where the same content must be simultaneously delivered in HDR and SDR format. The conversion process fits easily into existing products and requires no input metadata. It can be used at any stage in the production process. Finally, the solution also allows for conversions between different HDR formats (PQ/HLG/Slog3).

What is its added value when compared to competing solutions?

b<>com *Sublima* offers all the benefits of dynamic and adaptive conversion techniques. Although so-called “static LUT” solutions may generate an unsatisfactory result when light conditions aren’t optimal, dynamic-adaptive conversion solutions allow for an exceptional conversion result. b<>com *Sublima* uses a mechanism for analyzing each frame in the video and applies the best-suited correction to every one. The conversion process is automatic and does not require any direct adjustments or settings. It makes use of the full dynamic range of the screen, and outputs an HDR signal similar to the result achieved with native HDR.

b<>com is the first organization to have introduced a real-time dynamic-adaptive conversion solution. Starting in 2016, we looked into the problem of tone expansion (SDR to HDR) then later the more complex issue of tone mapping (HDR to SDR). These technologies earned a NAB Technology Innovation Award in 2017 and a "NAB Product of the Year Award" in 2019.

Nicolas Dallery

Does this release also mean that international partnerships have succeeded?

Indeed it does! These conversion algorithms have been optimized and perfected with the help of key players in the field of HDR. They are available in the form of a software library or IP compatible with electronic components such as FPGAs. b<>com is also providing these solutions to video market leaders.

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