b<>com best Tech stories from around the web #18

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1. Fly into a visualisation of your brain on March, 20th 2014 - Wired
Glass Brain is a tool that maps the electrical activity of your brain in realtime, creating a 3D visualisation that you can navigate with a gaming controller.  

2. Enfin une application "antisociale" sur le marché on March 19th, 2014 - Courrier International
Habituellement, les nouvelles technologies vantent le partage et le rapprochement entre êtres humains. Pas Cloak, une nouvelle application pour mobiles qui vous permet d'éviter de croiser vos connaissances.  

3. Augmented Reality to be Used for Ships in Future by Bridget Wilson on March 19th, 2014 - Augmented Reality Trends
Ten years from now, ships will be equipped with smart workspaces and the use of augmented reality technology will be prevalent. This is what Rolls-Royce foresees as the future of the bridges of ships.

4. The Doctor will see you onscreen by Rena Xu on March 17th, 2014 - The New Yorker
One night last summer, when I was working as a medical student in an emergency room, a woman pulled me aside. Her left eye was pink and looked painfully irritated. She had been waiting for hours to get it checked but would have to leave soon to catch a train home. How much longer, she asked, before she could be seen?