b<>com *Spare Cloud Allocator*

Fred Pieau
A smart and private collaborative solution to get the best of unused IT resources.

Product presentation

The average usage of resources remains low in private datacenters, between 20% to 50% in case of CPU resources. b<>com has developed *Spare Cloud Allocator*: a cost saving and environmental friendly data processing solution that relies on unused IT resources of private datacenters. The solution manages dynamically unused private cloud resources (provided by farmers) to run applications (for consumers) at a cheaper cost on a collaborative cloud (managed by operators).


For IT team (Operator)

  • Fast time-to-deploy
  • Opportunity for new business model and revenues

For private cloud provider (Farmer)

  • Optimization of the IT infrastructure costs
  • Environmental impact limitation thanks to unused resources recycling
  • Opportunity for new business model and revenues

For data engineer and data scientist (Consumer)

  • A trusted sovereign environment
  • A ready-to-use application framework
  • Cost optimized access to data processing
  • resources
  • A guaranteed QoS for workloads

Key features

  • Multiple hybrid VIMs support (vmware vSphere and OpenStack)
  • Automatic scan and inventory of unused resources
  • Resources monitoring and smart nodes placement
  • Isolation between every consumer and farmer workspaces
  • Zero touch deployment
  • Prefetch with a CI/CD tool (Jenkins) and a Machine Learning engine (Spark), other on request

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