Winning the fight in real-time: How to defeat live event piracy with dynamic watermarking

© Fred Pieau

With the return of sports events and with video consumption continually on the rise, the battle for content security continues. What is the real scope of live event piracy? Can it be defeated? If so, how?

For answers to all these questions and more, join our webinar scheduled on Wednesday, October 28th at 11 am CET to hear our leading experts as they clarify the following queries:

WHY do you need Dynamic Watermarking?

We will discuss why it is vital to defend live events and why defending them can be challenging. We will review the scope of illegal IPTV and the main requirements for successfully securing live premium content without compromising on quality or causing latency.

HOW does it work?

We will introduce the core technology behind the Dynamic Watermarking service and look at some of the technological challenges that needed to be overcome; focusing on the essential role of dynamically renewable algorithms with real-time adaptation, and why the watermarking developed by b<>com’s Innovation Center required full resilience to direct-attacks.

WHAT is the VO Dynamic Watermarking service?

We will illustrate how the service works via a use case demonstration, describing the required actions timeline at each step of the way, from two weeks prior to a live event through D-Day take down of illicit streaming within 15 minutes.


  • Mathieu Harel, Marketing Director of Security Products, Viaccess-Orca

  • Gaëtan Le Guelvouit, Trust & Security Lab Manager, b<>com

  • Moderated by Quentin Stallivieri, Market Analyst, Dataxis