Airbus Defence & Space is b<>com’s new industrial investor to develop airborne communications for fast, tactical deployment

© Airbus

Airbus Defence & Space, the European aerospace giant, is joining the b<>com Technology Research Institute. Airbus Defence & Space will rely on b<>com’s multidisciplinary expertise to research and develop dual-use tactical airborne communications solutions.

Airbus Defence & Space and b<>com are joining forces to develop airborne tactical systems (drones, helicopters, etc.) for fast, easy deployment in theaters of operation or in areas hit by natural disasters. The goal is to remove all technological obstacles to creating self-organized, secure, broadband, low-latency mesh platforms.

b<>com will employ its wide range of skills in developing these solutions, with the involvement of its researchers and engineers in the fields of 5G, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence.

“The arrival of Airbus Defence & Space strengthens our proactive approach as a dual-use technology supplier that works with major defense manufacturers to secure and regain European sovereignty when it comes to major challenges such as new generations of communication networks and their security” explains Bertrand Guilbaud, CEO of b<>com.

“Thanks to our partnership with b<>com, Airbus Defence & Space is glad to be participating in the development of airborne 5G bubbles. This collaboration will allow us to bring high data rate solutions to our customers and better operational efficiency” says Bruno Capitant, HO EMEA & International Agencies Programmes.