Best Tech Stories around the web #309

robot serveur

Apple leaves the suspense with its Peek Performance event. Google Soli announces great progress with its radar that analyzes body language. Progress continues with a new style of service: Robot waiters in restaurants.


Google's New Tech Can Read Your Body Language—Without Cameras by

The company’s ATAP research team is using radar to help computers respond to your movements, like turning off a TV if it senses you've dozed off. Read more


House zero: designed and printed by lake by

Architecture practice lake | flato and construction technologies company ICON have teamed up to realize the 3D printed ‘house zero’. Read more

3D print house


Verizon inks first 5G automotive deal with Audi by

Verizon inked a deal to equip Audi vehicles in the U.S. with 5G connectivity, estimated to start with select model-year 2024, marking the carrier’s first 5G automotive deal. Read more

Audi 5G


In france, these robots serve customers in restaurants by

Once reserved for science fiction films and books, robot waiters are now a reality in French restaurants. Read more

robot serveur


Apple Confirms Plans for March 8 Event; 5G iPhone SE Expected by

Apple announced plans to hold its first product unveiling of 2022 on March 8, kicking off what’s expected to be its biggest year ever in terms of new devices.  Read more

Apple keynote