Best Tech Stories around the web #308

stadium in metaverse

In the metaverse, the possibilities seem endless. Manchester City is taking advantage of this and create a football stadium in the metaverse. The electrovoxel is a modular robot, with a particular advantage. Its shape can change in space. The tech stories of the week to discover...


Robotic cubes shapeshift in outer space by

Self-reconfiguring ElectroVoxels use embedded electromagnets to test applications for space exploration. Read more


Manchester City new football stadium to be built in the metaverse by

The metaverse is set to have its first football stadium, and it is going to be built by the English Premier League (EPL) football club, Manchester City. Read more

stadium in metaverse


Amateur rocket building group plan to launch man into space and take orbit back from billionaires by

Amateur rocket builders are planning to take on Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos by launching a man to space without the billionaire budget. Read more 


Kiva Allgood interview — How Sarcos is bringing industrial robotics and exoskeletons to life by

Getting robots to do industrial work has been decades in the making. It’s part science fiction and many parts technology development. Read more

interview sarcos


MWC 2022 by

From the most inspiring speakers, to participating in debates about the hottest topics in technology – find out how to plan and make the most of your 2022 experience at Mobile World Congress. Read more

mwc 2022