Best Tech Stories around the web #310


No need to go anywhere, artificial intelligence is here! Walmart offers virtual fittings. Ants help us to progress in the medical field. A Latvian designer creates Z-Triton, a hybrid vehicle that transforms into a bicycle, caravan, or boat to go further in simplicity.


Greentech: Revcoo captures CO2 from industrial fumes using cryogenics by

The engineer Paul Taton decided to use his science to fight greenhouse gases. He created Revcoo. Read more



The Z-Triton Is A Bike, A Boat And A Funky RV by

An amphibious trike that gives you the option to have adventures on both water and land. Read more


Walmart launches AI-powered virtual clothing try-on technology for online shoppers by

Walmart announced its acquisition of the virtual clothing try-on startup Zeekit, which leveraged a combination of real-time image processing, computer vision, deep learning, and other AI technologies. Read more

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