Best Tech Stories around the web #306

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"My work evokes a spirit that resembles a collision between an analog past and a digitized future, where humans and machines will inevitably break down." by Felipe Pantone on


NUST MISIS Scientists to Turn Tonnes of Used Face Masks into Energy by

Researchers have developed a new technology for producing cost-effective batteries from medical waste. Read more

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Felipe Pantone unveils subtractive variability compact, a manipulable wall sculpture by

Felipe Pantone has unveiled subtractive variability compact, his latest, limited edition kinetic sculpture announced by configurable art. Read more

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Scientists create synthetic tooth enamel that’s stronger than real teeth by

Got teeth? Great news! Scientists have created a synthetic tooth enamel they claim is stronger than actual human teeth. Read more

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Made up company will turn your made up truck into a made up boat by

A Seattle-based engineer has designed a set of amphibious add-ons so reservation-holders can dream about sailing their made up trucks across made up lakes. Read more



A former Airbus engineer plans to convert a retired A380 jet into a luxury hotel by

‘Someone’s sleeping in the cockpit,’ that is a statement that would shock the daylights out of someone. Read more 

Airbus plane hotel