Best Tech Stories around the web #307


For a more original visit than others, the One Giant Leap proposed to enter a giant kaleidoscope! Kia offers a robot dog to support the Super Bowl. The European Union wants to create their own mega-constellation of satellites to compete with Starlink. To discover here....


EU Satellite Constellation Plans by

The European Union (EU) has introduced legislation Feb. 15 to establish a secure connectivity satellite constellation to develop a mega constellation of satellites in Earth orbit. Read more

EU satellite constellation plans


China develops autonomous human artificial wombs monitored by AI by

Chinese researchers are working on the growth of fetuses in an artificial uterus. They have developed a nanny based on artificial intelligence who monitors their development. Read more

autonomous human artificial wombs


Vonmercier arosa is the first luxury hovercraft in the world by

Hovercrafts used to be just a dream. Well, there aren’t really flying cars available but we believe time will come they will proliferate the skies. Read more

Arosa aéroglisseur


You can now step inside the world’s largest kaleidoscope in Saudi Arabia by

Kaleidoscopes don’t really have a purpose. Made out of a series of reflected surfaces, all tilted at a certain angle so that they repeat symmetrical patterns, they’re mostly used as toys. Read more


Hallmark Star Featured in 2022 Super Bowl Commercial by

His battery runs out at the very end while he’s trying to leap into the car, but the owner catches him and charges him, beginning a happy life together. Read more 


Metaverse hype cycle by

The Hype Cycle is more subjective than scientific, and has been been criticized for implying that all overhyped technologies eventually find a market. Read more

metaverse marketoonist