Podcast: 2031, working in the Age of AI, episode 4: “The Factory of Tomorrow: Benevolent, Smart... and Inhuman”

Podcast : l'usine de demain

In this new episode, Jean-Marc is an employee in a future factory. His daily schedule is programmed by machines that organize “smart happiness for all”, formerly known as “work”. They determine how he spends his leisure time and breaks, to ensure maximum profitability and minimal thinking.

After the fictional story, Dominique Poitevin, a Doctor of Philosophy, looks back on this dark vision of work in the age of artificial intelligence. He talks about the dangers of full automation, the biases of AI programming, and the other risk factors of a “totally rational” world.

[Only available in French]

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Production: Tokson X Agence White Mirror for b<>com

Podcast 2031: travailler au temps de l'IA