Final episode in our podcast series “2031, Working in the Age of AI”!

Podcast créativité augmentée, le designer au temps de l’IA

In 2031, how will creativity, the quintessential human talent, be assisted by artificial intelligence? What place will these machines have, and what will their role be in the creative process?

This final episode is entitled “Augmented Creativity: Designing in the Age of AI”. It tells the story of Karl's everyday life, creative assistant to the designer Agnès Vanlerenberghe.  

After the fictional story, Agnès will share her own vision of the future of her job, with Karl at her side! She is accompanied by Martin Ragot, philosopher and cognitive science researcher. This episode will be concluding the series by addressing major underlying trends taking shape in the labor market.

[Only available in French]

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Production: Tokson X Agence White Mirror for b<>com

Podcast 2031: travailler au temps de l'IA