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Did your Smart Assistant forget to tell you about our podcast series “2031, Working in the Age of AI” released this summer? Don’t panic, you can catch up now!

In 2031, Artificial Intelligence is everywhere at work: Optimizing the use of time, creating art, performing surgery. It’s become a part of our everyday lives... and will stay that way for a long time! To talk about the possible futures of work in an age when AI has become widespread, b<>com came up with a 5-podcast series using short fiction and interviews with various experts and researchers (social sciences, marketing, law, and philosophy).

Listen to the episodes:

[Only available in French]

Episode 1: « Métro, job, AI » takes listeners into the life of Alex, a researcher in 2031. In his work environment, AI is everywhere, from organization to ergonomics to time management. It makes employees’ lives easier, but can also be a hassle!

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Episode 2: « The avatar and the patient » asks where doctors will be in 2031. Will they be avatars like others before them?

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Episode 3: « Science et conscience » looks at the job of surgeons in 2031.  With artificial intelligence and ultra-precise robots to assist them, they’ll be able to achieve feats once thought impossible... But how will the addition of AI change legal liability issues?

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Episode 4: « The Factory of Tomorrow: Benevolent, Smart... and Inhuman » ”  imagines the factory of the future. Employees’ daily schedules are programmed by machines that organize “smart happiness for all”, formerly known as “work”, to ensure maximum profitability and minimal thinking

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Episode 5: « Augmented Creativity: Designing in the Age of AI » dives into the everyday life of Karl, a creative assistant to a designer.

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