On the road to NAB 2018!

NAB Show

From April 9 to 12, broadcast professionals will meet at the NAB Show in Las Vegas for the MET effect: Media, Entertainment, Technology! More than 1,700 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors are expected over 4 days. For its 3rd participation, and after an amazingly successful year in 2017, b<>com was selected to exhibit in Futures Park, North Hall, a space dedicated to the most advanced media technologies. This is major visibility for the b<>com solutions in the fields of production and distribution.

4 demonstrations will be displayed this year at NAB Show:

End-to-end immersive audio workflow: a suite of 360 audio plugins enabling the creation of premium immersive contents and experiences (virtual reality) based around the Higher-Order Ambisonic 3D audio technology (HOA). It is accessible to any sound engineer. Our technology is similar to the ambisonic format currently used in web platforms but it provides a richer, higher-resolution experience. One specific advantage of this technology is that HOA scenes can be recorded using microphone arrays, as demonstrated on our booth.

2 exclusive VR contents with b<>com audio mix will be released in partnership at NAB 2018: “Longing for Wilderness”, directed by Marc Zimmermann (EpicScapes) and Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg and “Alteration”, directed by Jerome Blanquet, an OKIO production.

b<>com [SDR-HDR converter]: awarded by Technology Innovation Awards at NAB Show in 2017, the new version of this compact, high-performance technology is able to convert SDR content into HDR format in Real-Time, in one direction or the other. This new « roundtrip » version allows to return to SDR format without loss of quality.

b<>com *Ultra Marker*: forensic watermarking technology now offered in SaaS version, features high robustness to any video processing and attacks (lossy compression, N/A conversion, camcording, etc.), supports 4K, HFR and HDR and 360° video and embeds state-of-the-art ID codes to fight collaborative piracy.

FPGA Acceleration: a massive video conversion solution from SDR to HDR with FPGA component which permit to gain time and cost. Currently, most of legacy video catalogs are in HD resolution with standard dynamic range and conversion solution with CPU does not permit to achieve high bit rate video processing.

Meet the b<>com experts in the Futures Park - booth N2333FP!

Thanks to our partners Harmonic and Arte for images.