Medica 2019: b<>com presents the technologies for the operating room of the future

bcom DICOM
© Fred Pieau

From 18 to 21 November, health professionals will meet in Düsseldorf. For this new edition of Medica, b<>com was selected by Business France to present its solutions on a space dedicated to e-health innovation, the French e-health park.

The Immersive & Medical Technologies lab teams will present their latest technologies for the operating room of the future.

[DICOM-RTV Converter] : a solution that allows the real-time synchronization and transport of uncompressed medical video over IP with their associated metadata, in compliance with the new DICOM-RTV standard, inside the operating room (OR).

[SDR-to-HDR Converter] : an up-conversion technology, recently awarded at NAB Show, for video imaging display. The quality of High Dynamic Range formats in medical images provides a better sharpness of the images and a better visibility of vessels and mucous membranes thanks to a better contrast and a better color range.

b<>com [3D Localization] : a novel real-time 3D tracking technology using RGB-D cameras to perform marker-less 3D object real-time tracking. b<>com will show the benefits of augmented reality application in orthopedic surgery.

Come meet our experts at Hall 15 – Booth C10!

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