b<>com selected for the security of major events including the 2024 Paris Olympics

b<>com has just been certified by the strategic committee of the “Security Industries” sector, which is tasked with contributing to the security of major events like the 2024 Paris Olympics.

b<>com *Dome*, augmented with Enensys’ 4G/5G broadcast technology and the Wary Me solution, enables automated deployment of security communication services that takes into account quality of service and stream prioritization. Using the Wary Me app, a person who witnesses a crisis situation can send an alert message from its smartphone that will be transmitted over a private network. Once the alert has been processed, security agents can also be notified via the solution.

This certification is used by the strategic committee, which is made up of independent experts, to reward the innovative nature and interoperability of the solution, as well as its legal and social impact. The strategic committee also looked at criteria such as b<>com’s experience in the field and its capability for wide-scale deployment before 2023. The certification is awarded for a 5-year period.

This certification allows the b<>com solution to be listed among solutions that can provide security at major sporting, cultural, and other events, as part of the “Grands Évènements – JOP Paris 2024” program supported by the “Security Industries” sectoral strategic committee, and to participate in real-world experiments organized by them.