Join b<>com at Global Industrie to discuss private 5G network

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Meet us at Global Industrie from May 17-20 at our partner AMA's booth, #A5E54. We will present b<>com *Dome*, <the antifragile private 5G> for industry 4.0. Discover how a private 5G network can boost your competitiveness in an industrial context with, in particular, the use case of the augmented technician.

Choosing a private 5G network for Industry 4.0

Learn how our private 5G b<>com *Dome* network increases productivity and safety on the factory floor. For example, with AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles), your production is more flexible and efficient. Equipped with smart glasses, the augmented technician is remotely assisted in real time. Another advantage is that connected surveillance cameras provide optimal security.

Security for your data

b<>com *Dome* means choosing sovereignty for your data. Indeed, the solution guarantees total control of the company's data and thus independence in its strategic economic, societal and ecological choices

Unprecedented connectivity, easy to set up  

You will have the opportunity to witness the various stages of the b<>com *Dome* starter kit when it is delivered to the customer's site. 100% software and cloud-native, it adapts to any hardware. Deploying a 5G private network has never been easier or faster - it doesn't require an in-house telco specialist. Then, you can monitor the proper functioning of your network with our monitoring tools.


It is on the booth of our partner AMA, n°A5E54, that you will be able to find the b<>com experts to talk about 5G private network for industry 4.0.

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