Best Tech Stories around the web #316


Think out of the box: SNCF creates a new Flexy vehicle for roads and rails. More than 3000 Japanese students are taking their classes in the metaverse. A detour to Stuttgart for FMX, time to explore the latest in animation, effects, and interactive media!


SNCF launches Flexy, a strange shuttle halfway between the train and the car by

Rather than completely abandoning these lines, which remain very useful for people living in rural areas, the SNCF has just unveiled its latest idea to reaffirm its commitment to territorial mobility: A small shuttle that can carry 9 passengers called Flexy. Read more



In Japan, more than 3,000 students kicked off the new school year in the metaverse by

This year, some 3,800 Japanese students did not partake in the traditional back-to-school ceremony in real life, instead experiencing the event for the first time in the metaverse. Read more



FMX 2022 by

In physical and virtual, the 26th edition of FMX combines the best of virtual and real world. It's time to explore the newest animation, effects, immersive and interactive media! Discover the program