FIC 2018: b<>com accelerates on new authentication factors

b<>com will be at the 10th Forum International de la Cybersécurité (FIC) on January 23-24 in Lille, France.

To combat cyberattacks, b<>com has built a tool based on the browser fingerprint. Totally invisible to the end user, this solution, b<>com [Terminal Authentication], makes secure connections a snap. How does it work? Enter the traditional combination of login + password, identifying the Internet terminal. It thereby prevents attackers from reusing the data that they fraudulently obtained.

"Frequent events in the news demonstrate that our solution meets the needs of companies that offer online services. Furthermore, existing solutions for user authentication, such as sending a text message, cost much more than our proposed alternative. There are real growth prospects," explains Gaëtan Le Guelvouit, Head of the Digital Trust & Identity Labo at b<>com.

With the solution now ready for the testing phase, the FIC will be a chance for b<>com teams to hold discussions with potential partners, with the goal of leading a large-scale experiment.

The b<>com teams present at the stand will also demonstrate b<>com *Ultra Marker*: A solution for watermarking 4K, HDR, HFR, and 360° content, with a high level of resistance to attacks. It makes it possible to combat peer-to-peer piracy and works on all types of attacks and video processing (camcording, lossy compression, digital-analog conversion, etc.).

Come meet b<>com's teams at the FIC: Pôle Excellence Cyber space, stand B20