b<>com [Terminal Authentication]

Multi-factor authentication using Browser Fingerprinting

Multi-factor authentication methods, now essential to access control services, are looking for new innovations to protect users’ data and  ght the onslaught of cybercrime.

The b<>com terminal authentication solution introduces a new authentification factor based on cutting-edge Browser Fingerprinting techniques.

It adds an extra layer of protection to authentication processes. By associating a user account with its device’s hardware and software configuration, our approach prevents hackers from re-using login credentials acquired from phishing attacks.

Key features

  • Authentication based on login credentials AND on users’ devices
  • Process entirely transparent to users
  • Patented method to prevent spoofing
  • Easy to manage devices linked to an account


  • Enhance your security with a robust and safe authentication factor
  • Integrate it into any existing access control service as an extra layer of protection
  • Define your actions depending on the solution’s decision

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